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Challenge Two: Space

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Sep. 3rd, 2006 | 11:03 pm
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posted by: reverseorder in ga500

Title: Orbits
Author: reverseorder
Summary: We're all planets in our own little solar systems. Meredith/Addison (with references to Meredith/Derek, Meredith/Finn, Derek/Addison and Mark/Addison). Written for ga500, cross-posted to ga_fanfic and meredithaddison.
Rating: R, to be safe. Nothing graphic.
Spoilers: Up to and including Losing My Religion.
Word Count: 488

A/N: I'm still beta-less, and half asleep, but the muse chose late on a Sunday night to start chattering... Therefore, any errors are my own, and concrit is most welcome.

She had come to the conclusion, after three hours and the better part of a bottle of tequila, that the root of all evil in her life was space.

We're all planets in our own little solar systems, Meredith mused as she swirled the remaining liquid around the bottle, and we're orbiting around some central person, or place, or belief. When a new planet enters that orbit, it can knock all the other planets off course. If an existing planet changes its trajectory, inevitably it affects those around it. Either way, changes to our own private solar systems? Chaotic.

Addison and Mark knocked Derek off course, so far that he ended up in a completely different universe. Sure, it caused a few problems at first, but he made a path that worked, at least until McWife showed up. That pushed Derek off course and into a separate orbit with her, but still close enough for the gravity to tug at Meredith almost unbearably at times.

At one point Mark had passed through, clashed with Derek (and come off second best), drawn close enough to both Meredith and Addison for fields of gravity to overlap a little, then moved on, leaving a trail of destruction behind him.

Finn caused more damage. He pulled Meredith into another orbit altogether, which in turn dragged Derek, then Addison, out of the comfortable paths they had etched. Derek ran into Meredith, then ricocheted into Addison and was inevitably drawn back to Meredith again, far too close. Finn was right about being damaged, Meredith decided. Too many crashes too close together, and her cracks were showing. But she wasn't to blame, really, for any of it. Not for the innocent adultery, or the ex-wives, or the jealousy or the tension or the subsequent not-so-innocent adultery. She wasn't to blame, because there were just too many people orbiting too close to her.

And now it was Addison, who really must have pushed herself off course, because Meredith can't remember having ever done anything to prompt it. Addison turning up on her doorstep was a shock enough. Addison, after too much to drink, coming into her mother's house with a look into her eyes that made it clear that she knew of her husband's transgressions was unnerving. And Addison closing the distance between them to kiss her until they were both breathless, running her hands through Meredith's hair, stumbling up the stairs and into Meredith's bed, that was... well, Meredith wasn't too sure what it was, but it was a product of space, which was math - or maybe physics, she pondered through the tequila haze - and certainly not something she was responsible for.

And based on that logic, it wasn't her fault that she got up off the bathroom floor and padded across the hallway to curl up in bed next to Addison, because their orbits were too close.

And you can't fight gravity.

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